Volume Lash Training

LashLife is proud to provide Volume Lash Training for all classic lash trained artists. With our hands on training, live model practice and small class sizes you will learn all the skills to successfully apply volume lashes.

The advanced technique of volume lashing allows you to give your clients the fluffy and dense lashes they wish for! Adding volume lashing to your list of services will not only boost business but make you a more rounded and full service lash artist.

This course is available to anyone who has taken a classic lash course and is looking to advance their techniques. It is recommended that you have been classic lashing for a minimum of 4 months. As being comfortable and knowledgeable about classic lashing on many different types of natural lashes will ensure you are successful in taking on the new skill of volume lashing.

Course Overview

                                    -Lash Growth Cycle                                             -Health & Safety

                                 -Adhesive Knowledge                                         -Classic vs. Volume

                                 -Volume vs. Clusters                                            -Conversion Chart

                                 -Wrapping vs. Stacking                                      -Types of Tweezers

                                 -Lash Prep                                                             -Taping Methods

                                 -Lash Mapping                                                     -Eye Styling

                                 -Volume Techniques                                           -The Perfect Fan

                                 -Removals                                                             -Business & Marketing Overview

                                 -Continued Mentorship                                      -Live Model Practice

This course will cover all of the above topics in depth. Our volume lash course is an 8 hour training day starting with theory and volume fan practice. Followed with live model practice with full supervision and side by side support. This model will need to be provided by you and must arrive at 1:30 pm on your selected training date. Your certificate will be issued to you at the end of your training date.

This course also includes a kit valued at over $250. This kit includes:

                                  -Volume Lash Manual                                         -Adhesive

                                  -Remover                                                              -Nexcare Tape

                                  -50 Mascara Wands                                            -100 Micro Swabs

                                  -Primer                                                                   -Jade Stone

                                  -Headband                                                            -Air Pump

                                  -Isolating Tweezer                                               -Curved Volume Tweezer

                                  -Sticky Dots                                                          -4 Full Sized Lash Trays

LashLife offers two options for Volume Lash Training

Private Training $1200

a more individualized take on our training course

Train with a Friend $1080 each

save 10% each when you train with a friend

All training classes are available on Mondays and Wednesdays, and must be booked through the website. Please contact us if you would like to arrange for your training to be booked outside the regular training hours. To book the train with a friend option please email info@lashlife.ca to enrol. Visit our Pricing and Bookings tab for all available training dates.

At the time of booking you will be required to put down a $250 non refundable and non transferable deposit. All training prices are subject to applicable taxes. All training classes require a deposit that is non refundable and non transferable. If you cancel your training once booked you will lose your deposit. If you need to reschedule training it must be done more than 48 hours prior or 50% of the training cost will be charged. Remainder of the course fee will be due the morning of scheduled training before any training begins.

Have further questions or inquiries? Feel free to email us at info@lashlife.ca for the fastest response.