We are hopeful that there will be a reopening date soon! Keep those fingers crossed. 

Most likely we will be able to reopen at our TEMPORARY Orangeville location before we will be able to reopen in Brampton. Anyone who wishes to wait to have their appointment scheduled at our Brampton location once we have a reopen date will still have their spot reserved on our priority booking list. 


If you had an appointment that was affected by the closure you are already on our priority booking list. If you have already sent a message to be added to the priority booking list you are on it. If you DID NOT send a message or DID NOT have an appointment affected please fill out the form below to be added.

Once we have a FIRM reopen date we will begin by reaching out to everyone on our list to rebook and once everyone on the list is rebooked we will then open our online booking. We HIGHLY suggest joining the priority booking list as we can not guarantee how long it will be until we are able to open our online booking.

Join The Priority Booking List

Thanks for submitting! You will hear from us as soon as we have a firm reopen date. We will be contacting everyone in order of being added to the list and will do our best to contact and get everyone scheduled in ASAP.